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Originally posted by Drake1009
'It more reminds me of a better version of alien breed if anything.'

Yes it does, but Alien Breed is just Gauntlet with aliens.

Originally posted by JudasEZT

'I dont think that be a gauntlet-clone be a reason to devaluate the game. Because the game is funny and long,.. and technically is superb.'
I'm devaluing it just becasue it's a clone, but becasue it's an inferior clone, just as the Alien Breed series were.

Originally posted by Burseg

'OK, to be precise, the only common things between Gauntlet and CE are:
1-Both have top-down view
2-In both, you can direct the character in every 45 degrees.

Reason for 2 is simple, joysticks are made this way! This leaves us with the similarity in the perspective that means we can also relate every shoot'em up with space invaders and every console rpg with final fantasy 1.'
It's not just the similarity in perspective that is similar though. The push scrolling in eight directions is also the same. Most of the differences you claim are for the most part cosmetic. The only real gameplay difference is how the energy system and walking into enemies. All single screen shoot-em-ups, such as Galaga, Gorf, or Galaxian are very much clones of Space Invaders. To suggest that the similarities between Chaos Engine and Gauntlet mean that all shoot-em-ups are like Space Invaders is complete wrongess. Gauntlet and Chaos Engine have far more in common than Space Invaders and R-Type.

Originally posted by Burseg

'Sure there are different characters to select but you also select from three characters in golden axe which is like.....UNREAL TOURNAMENT RIGHT!?!?!?!?!?!???!'
If you can't see that Chaos engine is a restyled version of an eight-way push scrolling shooter then you are blind becaue that is exactly what Gauntlet is. Where did I ever compare to games of distinctly different styles.

You need to reconceptualize your theory on gaming styles. Back to school for you.

Just to remind everyone:

I'm not saying these games are crap, they were good, but not as good as many Amiga fan boys consider them to be.

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