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Originally Posted by ant512
I consider games that I don't like to be bad games. Do you like all games? If not, do you think games that you don't like are good games? Did you buy a copy of Rise of the Robots, and if so, do you still play it now, because all games are good games/you like all games?
I don't wanna start an argument, but I certainly don't consider all games I don't like to be bad games. They're just not my cup of tea. If I say I don't like a game and calling a game crap, it's almost an offence to all others who DO like the game. Don't you hate all the stupid teenagers running around screaming "Counter Strike rulez" and if you show them a great classic game that you really really love they say "LOL, look at the gfx man! There's no bloodzor and you can't kill everyone and the sound is just terrible!!!"

Exactly the same as saying all games you don't like is crap. Narrowsighted is a word that describes this.

Oh, and no, I didn't buy Rise of the Robots. Unfortunately I had very little money back then, so I couldn't afford more than 3 games in the entire career as an amiga gamers in the heyday. At least I've more than made up for it now, by collecting original games today and supporting projects that I believe in (like CAPS and WHDload).
Also, no I don't consider a game like Rise of the Robots very good. That's because, wait for it, it's a bad game. There IS a difference between good games and bad games, regardless if you like it or not. I really hate most FPS's but that doesn't mean FPS only have bad games. I just don't like them, that's all.

And please, again, if I sound angry or harsh or out to pick a fight, that's not the case. Just had to comment your logic there, no offence.
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