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Originally Posted by StarEye
Seriously, why the hell do all of you people like amiga anyway?
The hardware was more advanced than anything else, as was the OS, it had some great graphics programs, great sound programs, and it was easy to develop for.

Originally Posted by StarEye
I mean, looks like it's suddenly a sport attacking great quality games. How can games that defined the amiga, like Lemmings, Lotus, Sensible Soccer, Kick Off 2, SWOS, Speedball 2, Lionheart, Turrican, Chaos Engine, Gods, Cadaver, Rick Dangerous, Monkey Island 1/2 and so on even be considered overrated games?
Because different people like different things.

Originally Posted by StarEye
I'm getting my doubts about you people.

This thread isn't "overrated games". It's a "games I don't like and therefore is a pile of trash" thread.
I consider games that I don't like to be bad games. Do you like all games? If not, do you think games that you don't like are good games? Did you buy a copy of Rise of the Robots, and if so, do you still play it now, because all games are good games/you like all games?

Originally Posted by StarEye
And out of curiousity, do you feel better by stating you don't like a classic title?
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