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Smile Fab platformers

Let me see what my favourite platformgames are:
1. Turrican 1 (C64): No doubt about it, my all-time favourite game happens to be a platform game. It was first love when I saw this game on C64 and 11 years after I still love to play it.
2. Fast Eddie (Vic20): This little nifty game by Sirius software is more a dodge'em up. Collect some goodies, avoid baddies and you will progress to the next level. Great fun!
3. Rainbow Islands (Amiga): I have a soft spot for cute games and this is the best of them. The shooting rainbows is the best invention since the powerpil in Pacman.
4. Rayman 1 (PC): A complex platform game with some really original twists. Great parallax bacjkgrounds, too.
5. Giana Sisters (Amiga): Everyone says this is a Mario rip-off but since I have NEVER played a Mario-Luigi game, this is my favourite game.
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