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I never said that all Bitmap Bros games were crap or that I didn't like them.

I just think they are amongst the most overated games on the Amiga. They were good but not as good as the reviewers in the press or general opinion seem to think they were.

Which reminds me:

Chaos Engine - I quite liked but it was really just a rip-off of Gauntlet with a different style, and Gauntlet was better and came out in the Arcade 6 to 7 years before Chaos Engine.

Speedball - Okay as future sports games go. Limited in gameplay though. Not enough variety. There haven't really been any other good ones that I can recall, unless you call Unreal Tournament a future sports games (when its really a FPS).

Speedball 2 - Much improved over the original, the violent aspect was a lot of fun,but after a few days play it still suffers from not enough variety in what you can do with a ball. Still pales against decent footaball games (such as Kick Off, Goal!, and even though I don't like it much SWOS) in terms of variety of what you can do with a ball.
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