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Originally Posted by StarEye
You know what, you're facts are wrong. You're obviously afraid to use SWOS as an example, and your arguments are just excuses, no more no less. Sensi started out as a pure arcade game and the last one is still pure arcade game. I suspect every other person on this forum to be able to look past the arcade bit, and see a hundred more valid reasons to compare them than not to. Let's see if you follow this logic:

Kick Off 2 is a competitor to SWOS.
Player Manager is a competitor to SWOS.
Kick Off 2 is a competitor to Sensible Soccer.
Player Manager is not a competitor to Sensible Soccer.

Where is the reason NOT to compare Kick Off 2 to SWOS here? Nowhere. The ONLY difference is that SWOS can compete against TWO games, while SS competes against only one.

Now I ask you; HOW does the fact that SWOS is a competitor to Player Manager AS WELL as Kick Off 2 invalidate the fact that Kick Off 2 and SWOS is comparable?
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