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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Looking into the Aros 68k sources I've seen that they use ObtainDatatype() in their identify.c code of the icon.library. Maybe I can support that as an alternative to the GlobalIdentifyHook function in one of my next versions?
Hi Carlo, I've made a new Aros 68k test version for you with support for the file identification by datatypes as implemented in the icon.library of Aros. It should also work with DefIcons installed, but the datatypes are checked first, and thus have a higher priority than DefIcons. The the hidden files don't get a real icon like Aros is doing that, they just get a ghosted icon.

Edit: Aros 68k test version removed (don't spread it), because it was experimental. The final solution will be different, giving the GlobalIdentificationHook (DefIcons, Eastern) a higher priority again than the datatypes.

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