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Originally Posted by StarEye
Well, the strange thing is though that Steve Screech together with Anco also released Kick Off 2002, which is basically Kick Off 2 with upgraded graphics. That one could be counted too.

Also, I would also like to hear which features Goal and Soccer implemented that were miles ahead of SS (and SWOS... don't forget that).

Why is it that people don't want to compare SWOS to Kick Off 2? Do the already know that SWOS is the better game? If you compare a series, there's no doubt that the Sensible Soccer series have had a a higher ratio of quality releases than the Kick Off series. But we're not doing that. We're comparing games, and I prefer comparing the best one in each series, not the best from Kick Off to the worst of Sensible Soccer. What is it with SWOS that scares the Kick Off fans?
StarEye, SWOS is not a pure arcade game. It has the career mode in so it cannot be compared to KO2. I didn't want to cause an argument, but facts are facts. SWOS can only be compared to Player Manager. SWOS has a part that is Management and a part that is arcade. Player Manager is also the same, an arcade part and a management part. It happens that the management part is a hell more advanced than the SWOS's one. KO2 is a pure arcade game and SWOS is not. Why should we compare them? If you compare SWOS and Player Manager, I would give PM 70% for the arcade part and 90% for the Management part. SWOS may score 85%+ for the arcade part but <50% for the management part. KO2, SS, Goal! are the only ones that are pure arcade.

As for what features did Goal! have I can list three of the most important ones:

-AI that is unique (just see how the team reacts to different tactics) and compare this to SS.

-Multiple camera views

-New game dynamics (players can accelerate like in real life and they don't have a constant speed + many more)
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