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Originally Posted by StarEye
The game actually changed a lot more than Kick Off.
Actually, KO2 and KO2 are very different. Although the graphics are very similar, the engine is different.

Oh and Goal! shouldn't even be included in the Kick Off series. But you could add a lot of the extra Kick Off games, and why do you keep forgetting Kick Off 3 and Kick Off 96 and such? They are a part of the series. Which means there also was a lot of Kick Off games. Sure the gameplay changed a LOT after Kick Off 2, but was it for the better? At least, Sensible only got better. If only the original Kick Off 2 was improved upon instead of completely giving up what made the game so good.
Goal! was designed to be KO3. Anco got the rights of the KO name and Dino Dini got the source code together with all the other KO games when he left Anco. Since he had not the rights, he used a different name. The engine behind it is based on KO2 so I can't see why this should not be included here. The only difference is in the name but programming-wise, it's KO2.

Goal! or Soccer incorporated many new features and in my opinion it is miles ahead of SS. KO2 didn't get better because it's already excellent. After all, it got many upgrades with v1.2, v1.4, v1.6e (expanded), FW, Return to Europe. For those who don't know, there have been several releases for each version. For ex, FW got v1.9 and v2.1. Today, we play the original KO2 that is KO2 + World Cup 90 and v1.4e. In the World Cup organised once a year, we use these two versions. My preferred version is 1.6e though.

Kick Off 3 and Kick Off 96, were games that were released by Steve Screech and Anco. Dino Dini was not invloved and since the code of the original KO series was owned by him, these games are completely different. The issue of improving KO2 (with features like 3 subs etc) has been long discussed but since DD doesn't have the rights, he did nothing for it and clearly stated that he doesn't want to do this. On the other hand, DD did improve Soccer for Gens (the Megadrive emulator that can be played online) and is still improving it!
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