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Legends of Valour

This is a perfect story for this thread. It's also 100% true. I've never done anything as ridiculous as this in my life.

Word was out that Legends of Valour was being released that night. I started making the rounds on the BBS's anxiously awaiting the release. You may ask yourself, why? Well, this game was SUPPOSED to be to the amiga what Ultima Underworld was to the PC. If you are a fan of Ultima Underworld than you may be able to understand. Well, then the moment arrived. Skol, I think, sent up Legends of Valour. I immediately start downloading. by the time its finished it's 5am on a cold wintery day in Canada. Download finished, I boot it up and realize its the GERMAN version. Well, what a waste of time. The game LOOKED good at the start. I really wanted to get into it. Unfortunately, I do not know GERMAN. Well, it's now 7:15. Temperature outside is a brisk -38 degrees celsius with the Windchill factored in. I decide since the library is only a half hour walk away and it opens at 8am that I was sure they would have a German-English dictionary. So I walk in the figid cold to this library. I get there and realize I dont have my Library card. I did not have any money with me to get a new one. So after scoping the place out for an hour I pilfer a German to English dictionary. Having had no sleep up to this point I became paranoid and thought I was being trailed on the way home so I took every side street around and got home an hour later. So I load up Legends of Valour and talk to the first person I saw walking around. After spending nearly an hour translating 3 lines of text I threw the dictionary and the disks out the window and went to sleep. The next day I grabbed the English version, played it for an hour, felt the game sucked so bad and was such a disappointment that I threw those disks out the window.

2 weeks later I had a PC and was playing Ultima Underworld. The end.

Just to let everyone know I'm not that crazy anymore. Honest.
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