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Turrican II I thought the first was much, much better. The graphics were prettier in the first, the tunes grabbed me more, and the levels were more interesting to explore and play on. And the game didn't look like a sequel, because not that much had been changed from the original, and I found that a let down.

Rick Dangerous series Funny games...for a few minutes. Then you realise how horrible the controls and the gameplay are.

Prince of Persia Too difficult - one false move and you cop a sword in your gut, spikes into your pants, or you mistime a jump and miss the ledge. Then it is back to the start of the level again. Hair-pullingly frustrating.

Final Fight Because it was a rubbish conversion with no music, a grand total of 2 sound effects, and gameplay that had been raped and mutilated.

Magic Pockets The monsters took too long to kill, and the game became quite boring after a while.

Any soccer game I can't play them for peanuts, no matter what soccer game it is.
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