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Turrican II
Great gameplay, huge levels to discover OR finish fast if you wanted a fast-paced experience. Best music in a game, EVER. Great technical prowess. Probably THE Amiga game.

Originality to the max. I think it could be one of the most original game concepts ever, probably the most important game to come out of the Amiga. It got ported to every blimmin' system!

Lotus 2
Excellent fast game to go on 2player madness. One of the Amiga's "killer apps" I think, one of those games that sells systems. Instant cult-classic status.

and maybe Mr. Nutz.
Why? from the "late era" I think it's a game that showed pretty well that the Amiga was far from dead, that it could pull all the console eyecandy shit without problems, and make it all wrapped inside a cool game and all. Also, it was as close to Sonic on the Amiga as any game ever got, shame about its level designs, which didn't let you realize how speedy and sonic-like this game could have been. Damn shame.
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