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Xenon 1 It was used on one of those Saturday morning TV programs, all the magazines raved about how arcade-like it was at the time... it was even (iirc) used in the arcades as part of an Amiga-multiplay type set up; but let's face it, even at the time, it was crap. Apart from the metallic sheen, which would be done many times later many many times better, it just wasn't a new or even well made game. The sprite movement of the enemies and their bullets in particular seem particularily 'off'.

Jaguar XJ220 Not too hyped on the Amiga, but the Megadrive versions were... and I got the impression it was because people were so enamoured of the real life car, rather than the game... Perhaps the reviewers were given a ride in it as a "promotion"? Because the game was so horribly average. The only real fun I had was making my own first name out of the track under the editor... but that kind of revealed the horrible limits of such games: Look, it's just a line, which bends occasionally, with objects stuck on the side. After that epiphany, I could never look at the genre the same again.

Monkey Island 1/2 Humor is something intensely personal... J. Nash called "Friends" 'queasily hyper-American', and I agree. Amiga Power called Monkey Island incredibly clever and witty, but I disagree. It was mildly amusing, and often wilfully illogical for the sake of humor which didn't work for me. *shrugs* But that's just my own tastes, not really the games fault.

On the other hand... Iron Man Stewarts Super Off Road Racer Ok, let's be more specific... not the game, the crack-tro at the start. You know the one I mean. "Can ya feel it, Angels?" Imagine the scene: You go to see a friend. "Hey man, ya gotta see this!". At the next house "Got a new game, so funny..." I don't think I actually got to play the game myself though until I managed to grab a copy and take it home... the intro was all anyone was interested in! Yes, I get it... we are a bunch of horny teenager, and it's wuuude. But it's just not that big or clever to me. And that goes for you too, Mr Leisure Suit Larry!

Rock N Roll I just never really got into it. It's not a bad game, it's just very much based upon playability, and such games either grab you or don't. That one didn't, although lots of people loved it.

Sword Of Sodan Never highly rated, except in the 'my machine roxxor' crowd, but still...'Look at the graphics.... looooooook at zem!'. But er... it plays like crap. 'Yes, but look at zem!'.

*must ... stop... ranting... now!*
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