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Originally Posted by Antiriad
For me, its probably Lemmings. It came out on the Amiga first (i think) and was released at the height of the machines popularity.
Archimedes first (I think, but not sure )... Just a personal opinion, for me, the most "Amiga" game would be Shadow Of The Beast. Not because of the game itself, but as the game which was most used to show off the Amiga's powers... Does anyone remember Gordon Harwoods, famed UK Amiga distributer? Their HQ was a small shop a few miles from where I lived, and SoTB was left running in their window for months: needless to say all the cool kids with their Amiga's used it to annoy all the less cool ST owners with their inferior version, and make people like me, with my mighty C16 or Sega Master System gasp... I still occasionally listen to the music today.

The earliest "killer ap" I can recall is Carrier Command... possibly F/A 18 Interceptor, but as I say, my experiences of the Amiga were very personal: It existed as a machine the people I knew had, and nationally/globally in what I read in Commodore User (Later CU Amiga), a magazine I continued to read long after it stopped covering the C16, because it offered glimpses of this amazing machine called an "Amiga". Took me until 1994 to actually own one myself though...
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