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Speedball II - However slick it was done the whole idea of a ball (metal sphere) sport being played with the hands is, and to me always has been laughable. It's just blokes in metail suits throwing a ball around isn't it? They also seem to have taken all the annoying things from American sports (which I hate), even the crap like the "Ice Cream Ice Cream" seller and the whole presentation. Give me Sensible Football anyday - OK it's just men kicking a ball around, but at least something I can relate to.

Any Amiga Doom style game - e.e. Gloom, Alien Breed 3D. I'm sorry, they were all shite. Give the Amiga something it is good at for christsake ! Maybe if you had a 060 processor they were OK - but how many people at the time had those ?
Speedball II was FUN to play - forget the presentation. The "Icecream!" thing was a brilliant touch: A person has become so battered and beaten that they're dragged off the pitch... meanwhile the crowd enjoys their icecream. A cold hearted future, I love it!

Gloom and Alien Breed 3D didn't suffer from ANY slowdown on my standard A1200 with 4MB fastram and were really well designed and again, FUN to play!

As for R-Type. Wow, I still play that game (as I still play Speedball II from time to time).

My list:

Curse of Enchantia - I just played this for the first time recently. WTH?? This was the biggest pile of crap I've EVER played! Amiga Power game it a GREAT REVIEW?!? Their reviewer said it was "one of the funniest games I've ever played" - I admit games aren't reknowned for their comedy, but still -- I didn't even smile! The interface was abominable, there were HIDDEN OBJECTS and NO CLUES that they were there (which was a Good Thing, according to that particular AP reviewer!). The puzzles didn't make ANY sense, either! I can't believe how rated this POS game was!

Body Blows - While the Amiga was trying hard to be a console it turned out turds like this which everyone seemed to herald as being great. They weren't. The Amiga was never a console (except the CD32 ).

Zool - See above!

Adams Family - See above! (I couldn't get into, I really tried... it was far too endless for me)

Virtual Karting - See above!

Capital Punishment - See above (but with great graphics and an idiotic learning curve!)

Premier - Bland and boring.

Titus the Fox - See above.

Harlequin - I'll never understand why this got such great reviews.

Guardian - It was good, but not that good - the controls were too difficult.

Simon the Sorcerer - This game was not funny! Monkey Island was funny. This was not.

And probably more. A lot of these games I really tried to like, but sometimes nothing can beat your expectations and hype can kill something quite easily.

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