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Lords Of War...what a cheat.

Lords of War is a clone of the great Atari 2600 game, "Warlords" (obvious that, eh?)

Now this game rocks. Beautiful to look at, great control, and cool audio and samples.
But once you get to level 4, the goddam game cheats.

There are 4 seperate entities, one to a corner defending and volleying a skull to destroy the other 3 guys' castles.
Seems by level 4, the enemies directly across from you, who are diagonal to each other, team up on you and the other poor guy (who is diagonal from you). I tried this level 20 times...NOT ONE hit could I or the hapless guy diagonal from me get on the other 2 creeps.
And those 2 guys were honest to Buddah teaming up on us, passing the little skull back and forth.

What a rip off.

Ah well, least it was free.
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