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The ads and magazines repeating the mantra that its graphics are oh-so-great doesn't make it true. Also plays like any average game: boring:
I never got why the graphics where so great? I like the copper thingie.. but apart from that its all a greenbrown mess pasted on top to me.
Other games had good graphics that suited the background style and colors where of the same uniform "warmth". Most psygnosis games, bitmapbros..

was the overhyped game of my collection.. it reminds me of a red green picture 3d with out the glasses.

Any beat em up apart from IK+
Streetfighter II, and later the following games KOF/SFA/MVC showed how it should be done. Fast, short combinations, and SPEED.

Elf.. jump forward.. and then back again in the same jump, no reason to do anything but the longest/fierce move all the time.

Bodyblows same thing.

streetfighter II conversion.. lets punch trough the block and remove most of the basic high low special combination.


Things where wrong with all of them
*Slow/to low framreate, and the result of it:
*Control Lag on one of the most control sensitive genres.
*1! button control??
*all moves take about the same time to execute
*lack of bob/sprite "size" makes the moves look and play like they are bound to a box

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