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I totally agree on Lotus, Turrican and Sierra. My hatred/indifference towards these days still gets me lots of hate mail these days. A few additions:

The ads and magazines repeating the mantra that its graphics are oh-so-great doesn't make it true. Also plays like any average game: boring:

Curse of Enchantia
A few magazines actually gave this 'game' good reviews. I find it almost unplayable with its deadly 'scrolling', its confusing controls and its ridiculous puzzles.

I like most of the games Icom made, but Shadowgate? Nothing but tedious torch management and frustrating death scenes.

German 'Economy Simulations'
Looking at dry statistics made up of endless numbers all day isn't fun, simple as that.

Legend of Kyrandia
If Sierra had made good games, imitating them might have been a good idea...
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