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Originally Posted by manicx
Are you sure you 've ever played Player Manager? Why should be called PLAYER Manager? It's not a pure management game. You can be a manager and you can also play the games using your joystick. As I said, SWOS and Player manager, SS and KO2
Sensible World of Soccer is a football game with a management part implemented. Player Manager is a manager game with a football game implemented. There IS a difference. SWOS improved on SS like Kick Off 2 improved on Kick Off. If you want, SWOS can be compared to Kick Off 2 and Player Manager put together, because that's what SWOS is. Two different games. Not like Player Manager, which is one game. SWOS isn't a spin-off of SS, it's a sequel.

And Player Manager was cool as hell too, that's why I was so happy to see that SWOS had a management part. But it's just a seperate part, not the main part of the game. The main part is actually playing, the same way Player Manager is mainly about managing. I compare Player Manager to the likes of Championship Manager and Premier Manager (now there's a game I haven't played in a while). The difference is that you can play yourself, but that's all.
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