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Originally Posted by StarEye
SWOS can not be compared to Player Manager. Kick Off 2 should be compared to SWOS, because after all, both are pure soccer games. Player Manager is a pure manager game. SWOS is a soccer game AND a manager game. But as we're comparing the gameplay mechanics, SWOS and Kick Off 2 can be compared without doubt.
Are you sure you 've ever played Player Manager? Why should be called PLAYER Manager? It's not a pure management game. You can be a manager and you can also play the games using your joystick. As I said, SWOS and Player manager, SS and KO2.

The passes in SWOS also depends on the quality of the player. Also, the heading, shooting, dribling, tacling, all depends on on the players skills, just like in real life. I don't mind people liking Kick Off 2 better, but when the put themselves above SWOS lovers because Kick Off 2 is a harder game to get into (but equally difficult to master) I have to disagree. Also, when they attack SWOS for not having features that Kick Off 2 has when it does, it is only right to correct them.

After all, both are excellent football games, but I think Kick Off has aged a bit. Really, I bought the new one too (kick off 2002), and it's really very much the same game but with a few more features. I still prefer Kick Off 2 over the new one though, but overall I like SWOS even better than everything else. That's doesn't mean Kick Off 2 doesn't deserves a place in the top 10 most important amiga games.

oh, and just so we don't drag this into the fullest, let's give up the argument there, shall we?
I agree 101% with you. The biggest attack in history of the KO series-SS series has been from my friend ( ) Stuart Cambell to any Amiga user out there who liked KO2. As I said, they are different games for different people. The only common thing is that they are football games. Although SS developers have been inspired heavily by KO2, SS is a completely different game to me. The distinction has to be made though:

SWOS and Player manager, SS, KO2, Goal!.
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