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Originally Posted by Jim
Speedball II - However slick it was done the whole idea of a ball (metal sphere) sport being played with the hands is, and to me always has been laughable. It's just blokes in metail suits throwing a ball around isn't it? They also seem to have taken all the annoying things from American sports (which I hate), even the crap like the "Ice Cream Ice Cream" seller and the whole presentation. Give me Sensible Football anyday - OK it's just men kicking a ball around, but at least something I can relate to.

Kick Off 2 - people should have stopped playing this the moment Sensible Soccer came out. It's not like we were all console users. Even people who couldn't afford to buy SS or 2 blank floppies could have copied over their original Kick Off 2 & Final Whistle disks with a SS crack. The only reason you should have remained playing Kick Off 2 is if you had no friends who had SS.

Turrican series - nice music and all, but the levels where too big and the game was hardly original. I was bored actually. But I never had a C64 so maybe didn't get the nostalgia.
Are you sure you had an Amiga?
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