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Originally Posted by StarEye
Also about the passing. It's simple, but works like a charm. In Kick Off or Goal, it works just the same way, but you'll have to hold the button instead, just before the ball reaches the other players feet. They work exactly the same as in Sensi. If you lose the ball in Kick Off, it's because you can't see your player because of the unnecessarily big football field with extremely zoomed in view. I don't think losing possession of the ball because of bad camera control is a feature, it's more of a fault.
No, passing is not the same. We recently discovered that each player in KO2 has shitload of characteristics that influence the passing. This means that say no3, Curtis is not as good in passing as say no4, Wells. What JudasEZT said is that passes in SS are pixel perfect. In KO2, passing depends on the player just like in real life. In KO2 there is a scanner that let's you see where your players are. The way the players are positioned in the field in SS is not very clever. The field is split into boxes where each player is allowed to move in. The only way to get him out of this box is get control of the player. In KO2, you can use the so called 'player switching'. In other words, by moving your joystick to the right direction, you can gain control of a player other than the one that may be where the ball goes. In such way you can control the player you want even if he is not close to the ball. This is a unique feature and needs mastering the tectics in KO2 as well as the use of the scanner. Took me about 11 years to master this thing and become one of the best defenders in the world in KO2.

I've played Kick Off a lot. I've played SWOS even more. Kick Off is a great game, but hardly because of deep gameplay. It's more an arcade game, with physics of a pinball game from Digital Illusions (which would be a good thing if it was a pinball game).
KO2 is great because of its gameplay. Don't compare SWOS with KO2. SWOS can only be compared to Player Manager. The equivalent to KO2 is the original SS. SS is also an arcade game. The physics in KO2 are unique, it has nothing to do with a pinball game unless you realise how to use all of its features. As I said, even 14 years later from KO2's release, we discover new things about the game with the help of people like Dino Dini and Steve Screech. We recently published a full list of all the characteristics of each player in the game. You can always find the charcteristics of each player here.
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