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Seems to be good, but very action oriented, no?.. I need to get a CPC emulator...

The castle is VERY puzzle oriented, the most nasty puzzles ever are in this game.
And did I say the game is HUGE? Playing with a hacked version with 255 lives, The Castle takes about 8-10 hours to be finished, The Castle Ex takes about 20-24 hours to be finished.

Take a look at the map in the top of the screen. Each blue square is a room, you have 100 rooms to visit, you need to trough all them to reach you objective (Find the 2 birds that give you the red keys to open the last door to the princess room, and save her), and most times you'll need to go through the same room many times. (The first screen, for example, it's shown in the pic. You first exit it from the right, go up in the other screen, then go left, go down and fall in the upper part of that screen. You get the map, the green key, exit to the right again, and enter this screen, but now trough that green door (cause you have the green key). HOURS laters, you'll get an elevator that will send you AGAIN back to this screen (And makes you weep "AAHH, I am back to the beggining), but now there'll be another place close here that'll be open....)

A Magazine here took 6 editions (6 pages each) to publish the whole solution of the game (And they didn't even cover EVERY screen).

I think I am overhyping this game too much, I'll stop this now
But it's true, there's nothing like this game in any other system.
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