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Alien Breed
All of the games (with the exception of the first 3D incarnation) were amazingly avergage PD-style shoot-em-ups. No innovation, no hardware-pushing tricks, and bog-standard gameplay. Overly-large, clunky graphics didn't help either.

Any Footy-Manny Games
Sensible Soccer, SWOS, Kick Off, Goal... If I want to play football I'll go outside, and won't have to pay £30 for the privilage.

Any Football Management Games
I work with databases all day. The last thing I ever want to do is work with databases at home too.

Shadow of the Beast Series
They look great. They sound great. They're utterly, utterly rubbish games. If you accidentally use a potion or a key in the wrong place, you're screwed and have to start again. The game doesn't warn you that you're about to screw up, though, nor does it tell you that you've done so. You'll just continue playing for another few hours before you get fed up. You can get stuck in deep holes in the ground with no way out. They are full of leaps of faith. In short, they are crap.

Another World
It is completely scripted. Once you can remember which buttons to press at which juncture, you can play right through the entire game. It's rather like Dragon's Lair (arcade version), but without the hand-drawn graphics - nothing more than a test of memory. Even Rick Dangerous had at least some randomness arising from the movement of the enemy sprites.

This was hyped at the time for being an extremely fast racer. AP in particular loved it (it was one of the freebies they gave away if you subscrbed). It achieved the speed by having a miniscule display window. Otherwise, it was nothing special.

Sierra Adventure Games
LucasArts took a dull genre and added humour, and in doing so created a string of classics. Sierra took a dull genre and added nothing, and in doing so certainly didn't get any money from me.
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