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Lotus Trilogy. I'm sorry but ALL early arcade style racers like this are pants - on all systems - it was not specifically the Amiga's fault. Games such as Stunt Car Racer, Indy 500, Vroom (arcadey) and of course F1GP were far superior driving games. Lotus was just a prettier version of Outrun, which in itself was crap @ home. These Outrun style games only really appealed to me in the arcades where you had a wheel. Maybe if Lotus had null-modem 2 player then it might not have been so bad, but those 2-player on the same screen games were ugly, no matter how technically marvellous. Chase HQ or Batman The Movie (Level 2) where actuallly more fun for me as at least the driving angle had a twist.

Speedball II - However slick it was done the whole idea of a ball (metal sphere) sport being played with the hands is, and to me always has been laughable. It's just blokes in metail suits throwing a ball around isn't it? They also seem to have taken all the annoying things from American sports (which I hate), even the crap like the "Ice Cream Ice Cream" seller and the whole presentation. Give me Sensible Football anyday - OK it's just men kicking a ball around, but at least something I can relate to.

Any Amiga Doom style game - e.e. Gloom, Alien Breed 3D. I'm sorry, they were all shite. Give the Amiga something it is good at for christsake ! Maybe if you had a 060 processor they were OK - but how many people at the time had those ?

Jetstrike - this game is crap. Scrolling is crap and nasty. Screen area is too small (or sprites are too large, depending how you see it). Control is non-intuitive. For better example (yet simpler game) see Biplane Duel (Bip).

Kick Off 2 - people should have stopped playing this the moment Sensible Soccer came out. It's not like we were all console users. Even people who couldn't afford to buy SS or 2 blank floppies could have copied over their original Kick Off 2 & Final Whistle disks with a SS crack. The only reason you should have remained playing Kick Off 2 is if you had no friends who had SS.

Turrican series - nice music and all, but the levels where too big and the game was hardly original. I was bored actually. But I never had a C64 so maybe didn't get the nostalgia.

Maybe some of these are better than I thought. But at the time I had about 500 disks full of games. If I didn't like something about a game, or a better version of the same thing came along then I stopped playing the original. Having a big collection of anything makes you quickly loose patience and you tend to get that Cable TV "channel-hopping" attitude with your games.
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