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Originally Posted by JudasEZT
There are many things I dont like in SWOS.

The head-shoot is the hardest to simulate in this soccer games, because they are fast (not like today 3d soccers and his animations). I guess the way its resolved in swos bets for the spectacle.. but when you play various matches you surprise yourself with that every shoot with the head yo do with your player is gliding forward.. very amazing,. the first three times. next that is abit ridiculous. also is ridiculous that he flies lot of meters, maybe too many.

Passing is boring. and perfect, the ball goes exacly to the player,. this do not happens on KickOffs/Goal! in these works much more naturally.
You mention the headshot. It is possible to do a normal headshot too. Instead of holding the joystick to one direction THEN press the button, you can push the button and if you do it on time, you can see the man jump. Then just push the joystick in the direction you want the ball to go just before his head touches the ball. Very different approach, but works like a charm. You do the bicycle kick the same way, but push the joystick in the opposite direction of the player instead, before the ball touches his feet.
You mentioned the player flying way too far too. That was a fault in the earlier versions. It's much better in the last version, where he stops when he touches the ball. And if you pick on these little things, look at the keeper in Kick Off 2. How many meters can he actually throw himself after the ball?

To know Sensi, you must go in the deep. It may look simple on the top, but dig a little and you'll find a very deep soccer game actually. The problem is people decide to play just to score goals. If you decide to learn how to use these little extra tricks to the fullest, I'm sure you'll see how good Sensi can be. It's more fun to play when you know the features.

Also about the passing. It's simple, but works like a charm. In Kick Off or Goal, it works just the same way, but you'll have to hold the button instead, just before the ball reaches the other players feet. They work exactly the same as in Sensi. If you lose the ball in Kick Off, it's because you can't see your player because of the unnecessarily big football field with extremely zoomed in view. I don't think losing possession of the ball because of bad camera control is a feature, it's more of a fault.

I've played Kick Off a lot. I've played SWOS even more. Kick Off is a great game, but hardly because of deep gameplay. It's more an arcade game, with physics of a pinball game from Digital Illusions (which would be a good thing if it was a pinball game).
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