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To clear up some things: I can call Thomas Steiding, company director of Epic Interactive, a good friend. Here's the truth about the Amiga Classix compilations:

Amiga Classix 1: The CD was done by Epic UK back in 1998. It usually comes in a simple CD case with a professional printed cover. The CD contains about 5 full commercial games. All other games are just PD games or Demo versions. Kickstart ROM 1.3 was was licensed by Amiga Inc. for the Amiga Classix series. It's a legal CD (which e.g. the Gremlin compilation isn't! Epic UK is out of business. One of the founders is running various companies (mentioned above) where he's selling illegal copies of many Amiga CDs, including Amiga Classix 2+3).

Amiga Classix 2:
The CD was compiled by Darkage Software (the makers of Tales from Heaven!). All games are licensed, which wasn't hard for them as we have links to all companies who're supporting us online (and other websites have that, too). For making the emulation of these games easier, Thomas Steiding asked me if he could use the BTTR configuration files. We agreed if the copyright and a link to us will appear in the readme.
Epic Interactive published the CD and licensed the Kickstart 3.0 ROM directly from Bill McEwen (CEO of Amiga Inc.).
Also please note that Epic Interactive is a total different company and has nothing to do with the former Epic UK. Even if the readme says, the CD is copyrighted by Epic Marketing UK, it's wrong information. Thomas helped Epic UK in the beginning with some projects, but as soon as he noticed what was going on there, he left and found his own company Epic Interactive. He isn't involved in anything illegal.
Amiga Classix 2 comes in a simple CD case, too. If you have got a version which comes in a DVD case you can be sure that this is an illegal copy. You should send a report to Epic Interactive from where you got that CD.

Amiga Classix 3:
The same team: Darkage/Epic Interactive. This time the CD comes in a DVD case, which makes it harder to find out which version is legal and which one not. The cover of the CD which is shown at SoftWide looks like the original one. But I doubt it's the right version, because they sell Amiga Classix 2 in a DVD case - and that's not the original version.
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