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There are many things I dont like in SWOS.

The ball bounces like a melon, it falls like a melon and make just two bounces. More over the effect when you shoot its more unrealistic than KickOff/Goal! in KickOffs there are smthing like "in/middle/out" trajectories .. but in SS there isnt trajectory "in" or is unappreciable.

The head-shoot is the hardest to simulate in this soccer games, because they are fast (not like today 3d soccers and his animations). I guess the way its resolved in swos bets for the spectacle.. but when you play various matches you surprise yourself with that every shoot with the head yo do with your player is gliding forward.. very amazing,. the first three times. next that is abit ridiculous. also is ridiculous that he flies lot of meters, maybe too many.

Passing is boring. and perfect, the ball goes exacly to the player,. this do not happens on KickOffs/Goal! in these works much more naturally.

The pitch dimensions, are invented. the distance between central circle and areas are enourmous, and the circle and area are very small and with different proportions to reality.

Tactics. I think this is the worst thing of all. The defenders are just one step forward the goalkeeper. The three lines are completely separated. theres no real interaction between them. I guess they even dont know personally.
In normal plays practically never a midfield can arrive to the area, and lets not talk about a defender.
Moreover the action hardly benefits to play in the bands, you always have to tend to enter by the center.
These things I suppossed you could attenuate in tactics screen selecting between "attack-deffend" levels.. but I never noted difference.

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