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Originally Posted by Akira
Shapeshifter : coul;dn't get it to run on my 030@50
You absolutely must have a graphics card to run Mac emulation on an Amiga, otherwise the emulator has to run the usual chunky-to-planar conversion, you're stuck on a two-colour screen, and it is much too slow to be usable. If you have the Mac ROM, you'll get a "?" symbol on the screen, but the emulator won't do anything until you've got Mac OS installed. System 7.5.0 (or .3, not sure which) is freely available from Apple's website, but you have to dig around in order to find it.

I've found that Fusion performs better on 040 and 060 Amigas, and Shapeshifter is better for 030s.

Originally Posted by Akira
MagiC64 : runs like shit on my 030@50, never knew why as it's supposed to be a good specc for this emu.
MagiC64 is slow even on an 060. You really need to alter the settings and settle for less accurate emulation (frame skipping, etc) to really play any games with it. Still, it's faster than Frodo.
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