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Originally Posted by IanS
If only I could get the Siamese working over serial... maybe I should try VNC. Has anybody tried VNC between an Amiga and a PC?
I've tried both of these. Both are slow, even over ethernet. I think Siamese was unstable on my system, but it's been a while since I tried it and I can't really remember.

VNC only works one way - it is possible to control the PC from the Amiga (PC runs the server, Amiga runs the client), but there aren't any VNC servers for the Amiga yet. Not proper servers, anyway. The only one I've come across is a VNC clone that requires CyberGraphX called "AnyWhere". I don't know how well it runs because I didn't want to switch back to CyberGraphics from Picasso '96.

VNC-style programs are briefly entertaining on the Amiga, but they're too slow to have any practical applications.
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