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The Things Games Made Me Do (That I wouldn't do in real life):

Lemmings - they're only bloody animals for christ's sake ! Their fault if they wanna jump of a cliff, I wouldn't be saving them. Bet they taste quite nice BBQ'd anyhow.

Alien Breed - i'd have wet my pants and hid in one of the cupboards!

Rainbow Islands - I'd have quit my mission after firing the first rainbow and not finding a pot of gold at the end of it.

Sensible Soccer - I wouldn't bother getting changed to play just 6 minutes of football !

Xenon II - I wouldn't have dealt with a shopkeeper as rude as that guy.

Chase HQ - I wouldn't have turned my siren on (and thus alerting the drug runner that I was chasing him). I would have driven past him quietly, set up one of those tyre-deflating trap things and sat at the side of the road with a flask of tea!

Championship Manager - I wouldn't want to keep Manchester United in the Premier League !
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