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Ok, I made fresh installs of both OS 3.1 and OS 3.2 with WinUAE, and installed only what's required by RNOArchive. The result is that it works fine on OS 3.1 and nothing unintended pops up on it. On 3.2 I get the same error from the FailAt command as you others.

After few tests and head scratching I found that it fails if I try to execute commands that are in ROM with OS 3.2. So, FailAt, Alias, CD, and other internal commands do fail, but Info, Dir, List, etc do work because they're located on the disk.

So, something must have been changed regarding this since the original 3.1 and it breaks things... and BTW. there aren't any similar problems on OS4, MorphOS, or AROS, it's just these newer 68k OSes.

As a work-around I tried to create a real file and give it the S protection bit, and execute that with Hollywood's Execute() function. It seems to work on 3.2, but fails on 3.1 :/

Sooo... I don't know yet how to work-around and fix it so that it'd work on all OS versions... but I'll report it to Hollywood's author and see what he has to say about it.


XAD RAR clients seem to be buggy on about every platform (in a different way on each), so I can't fix it. We'd need better 3rd party RAR clients for XAD.

"unnamed.dat" will be fixed with the later xad plugin... I forgot to make a work-around until then, but I'll handle it if I'm making an update soon. Thanks for reminding You can unpack and rename it manually for now.

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