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Originally Posted by Zarnal View Post
These demos still have a problem with b20 :
UpToFront- CoolFridge :
Smooth Copper: This is fixed last (or not fixed until much much later, this does not really work in 4.4 or older, it simply has demo specific hack. Correct fix is really difficult.)

scrolltext has a problem at the same time (pic 1). Since b12
Neither image is correct

EDIT: uses blitter line mode with all channels enabled!. It was supposed to be correct but some detail must be wrong.

Originally Posted by Zarnal View Post
New issue with " Ephidrena-Psyltefrek " and only in FPU host mode (pic 1 )
It's ok with Softfloat mode ( pic 2 ).
Native FSINCOS was sin and cos was swapped
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