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Originally Posted by fiath
Well, I guess they must have done if BTTR were involved.

I'm confused now! Perhaps I was am thinking about the Gremllin one...
I'd like to know whether Gremlin Classix was illegal from the very start or not - wasn't it around before Emulators Unlimited and became known to the public or something? What did the original cover for Amiga Classix 1 look like and in what way did the original Epic release differentiate (sic?) from the DVD-case version?

BTW, Issue 4 of the recently-introduced Retro Gamer carries a Gremlin collection disc, containing lots of games for various formats, not just the Amiga. However it's not very "ultimate" in the sense it includes absolutely every single Gremlin (or Gremlin-related) title ever made on every machine, and lacks two rare Gremlin Amiga titles sadly. Am interested to see if Zoo Digital were involved with the plans...
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