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Originally Posted by Akira
This is NOt a remake, the program interprets the engine and needs the ORIGINAL datafiles for it to run, just like ScummVM. so the author is stealing nothing. Obviously that when you have the datafiles teh game ie EXACTLY the same, it's the real deal.
So it gets all the graphics/sounds/level info from the disk ?

None of the graphics are included in the file that was available to download ?

But then you still have the internal game workings, the code - or does this program translate the machine code on the fly ?

If it does then yeah it's legal and the author can't touch it.

If it don't then it's not strictly legal.

If it's OK to release this then surely it's OK to release Amiga Kickstart ROMs ?

The Kickstart ROM is just the internal working and is no good without anything else. But luckily there are a few "dat files" such as WinUAE and some strange things called ADFs floating around that can put it to good use.
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