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Bippy ?

You never replied on this thread - were my suggestions adequate for your needs ?

If not then I have one more desperate solution. It might be just a little bit far fetched but humour me.

I read on this site that those cool scanners (actually they're not scanners, they're called planetary cameras) cost around £12,500 (about US$20000 for our international viewers).

Quite a steep sum I am sure.

However I was thinking, surely all we would need is for someone to get access to this equipment for one or two days and scan every Amiga book, magazine and whatever we can throw at them (it takes 2 seconds a page).

So, first we need to find a member who lives near Gloucestershire. The better looking the member the better cause here is my next plan.....

Check out the companies "About Me" page:

We need a member to get friendly with the staff, I recommend either Sarah or Kelly . Then they can get into the offices of this company late at night for some scanning sessions

So our hard-working member gets the girl, and we get the scans.

Now, who's it gonna be ! ?
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