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The Readme.txt on the cd.


(c) 1999-2000 Epic Marketing ltd. -
(c) 1999-2000 Darkage Software -

(c) 2000 Jan-Christoph Sievers (JCS/Haujobb) -
BTTR EMULATION GUIDE / CONFIGURATION FILES (see the '!!readme/bttr' folder)

(c) 2000 Juergen Beck (Bobic/BTTR) / Ralf Steines (Hippie2000/BTTR)
BTTR - Back to the Roots -

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Requirements
1.3 Installation
1.3.1 Amiga computers
1.3.2 PC computers
1.3.3 Other platforms

2.1 Amiga computers
2.2 PC computers
2.2.1 Emulator newbies
2.2.1 Experienced emulator users
2.3 Other platforms

3.1 Copyright
3.2 Credits
3.3 Disclaimer


1.1 Introduction

[Amiga Classix 2] is the official sequel to one of the most successful
Amiga compilations ever! It contains over 270 freeware, shareware and full
versions of commercial games, no demo versions! It was produced
exclusively for Epic Marketing ltd. and is suitable for both Amiga and PC.
Nearly all games can directly be played from the CD, no installation
required for Amiga computers and Windows PCs.

1.2 Requirements

AGA Amiga with a CD-ROM drive,
or a Pentium PC with Win32 and a CD-ROM drive (Pentium II system

1.3 Installation

1.3.1 Amiga computers

No installation required. Simply insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive and
start the games from your Workbench.

1.3.2 PC computers

No installation required. Insert the CD in your CD-ROM drive and wait,
until the menu appears. Start the games by selecting one of the games
from the menu. For further info about Amiga emulation check out
'emuguide.txt' which can be found in the '!Readme/bttr' folder.

1.3.3 Other platforms

Mac users or PC users with different OS than Windows will find Amiga
emulators in the [Emulators] directory of the CD. Just install one of the
emulators and select one of the games which are located at the [Games]
Directory of the CD.


Important info about 'BENEATH A STEEL SKY':
The english version of Beneath a steel sky is available for £20.00 from
Epic Marekting ltd. The codes can be found in the [!!ReadMe] directory,
and in the [Beneath a steel sky] directory of this CD.

2.1 Amiga computers

Doubleclick the [Amiga Classix 2] icon.
Now browse through the entire archive of the CD and select one of the
games. A screenshot will appear in the background showing how the game
will look like. Another menu appears where you can select your CPU type.

2.2 PC computers

2.2.1 Emulator newbies

After inserting the CD in your CD drive the autostart feature will
directly start the Amiga emulator called [WinUAE], which will show up
it's configuration GUI. All you have to do there is to doubleclick one
of the game names. The game will immediately load then, and you can play
all games with a PC Joystick or Gamepad.

For further info about Amiga emulation check out 'emuguide.txt' which can
be found in the '!Readme/bttr' folder.

2.2.1 Experienced emulator users

If you have already used WinUAE before and have installed a Workbench or
the [Amiga in a box] package ( you can play
all the games directly from the Workbench too. Before you boot WinUAE go
to the [Hard Drives] menu of WinUAE and enable the [Add PC Drives at
Startup] feature, then click OK. Now you can access the CD from your
WinUAE Workbench and can start every game with a simple doubleclick.

For further info about Amiga emulation check out 'emuguide.txt' which can
be found in the '!Readme/bttr' folder.

2.3 Other platforms

After you have installed the emulator for your system (see chapter 1.3.3)
you can configure the emulator as you want. A detailed description comes
with every emulator.


3.1 Copyright

CD Compilation by Paolo D'Urso and Juergen Beck.
WinUAE version by Juergen Beck.
Cover Artwork by Jan-Christoph Sievers
Produced exclusivly for Epic Marketing ltd.
Published by Epic Marketing ltd.
BTTR Emuguide + Configs by Ralf Steines and Juergen Beck

3.2 Special thanks

We want to thank the following people for being so kind to let us use
their fantastic games for our little project:

- Tony Warriner from Revolution Software (
for giving us the permission to include 'Beneath a steel sky' on this

- Marc Rosocha, the company director from Eclipse software
( He has permitted us to include the brilliant
shoot 'em up game 'Lethal Xcess' and the funny platform game 'Monster
Business'. In the past Mr. Rosocha has created such Amiga classics like
Chambers of Shaolin or Wings of Death for Thalion.

- Andreas Seebeck - a friendly man who has made the games 'Hannibal',
'Space M.A.X.', 'Aunt Arctic Adventure' and 'Charon V' in the past. His
software company is called 'Andreas Seebeck Software Development' and
you can visit his homepage at

- Paul Hellier, the creator of the old classic 'Kelly-X' for being so
nice to giving us the permission for this great game.

- Don Milosavljevic, founder of Digital Concepts, for giving us the
permission to include the full versions of his games 'Island of lost
hope', 'Torch 2081' and 'Lords of War'. All these games were published
by his company Digital Concepts in the past, but unfortunately they
don't exist any longer.

- Mark Sheeky from Scorpius Software, for allowing us to use
'Hilt - against the hoardes', 'Hilt 2' and all his other wonderful
Mark Sheeky makes meanwhile PC games and has changed his company name
to 'Information Software'. His homepage can be found at

- Rolf-Dieter Klein and Martin Ulrich, the creators of 'Ports of Call',
for their permission for this classic game. Their actual project is the
sequel to 'Ports of Call', which will be released soon for the PC. Get
the latest infos about this game from their homepage at

- Paul Robertshaw, the friendly boss from Mental Image Software Design,
the company who's specialised in creating excellent fruit machines.
Thanks Paul for allowing us to include 'Bandit Mania', 'Technology 2'
and 'The Winning Post'.

- Darren Ithell for his fantastic games like 'Furball' or 'Dithell in
Space'. Please visit his homepage at

- Michael P. Welch, who has allowed us to include the full version 1.90
of 'Scorched Tanks'. Also he is very active at the moment on the PC
market and plans some new cool games for this platform. More infos are
available at

- the friendly people from Rocten Interactive. They have created 'Brutal
Homicide' and 'Brutal Homicide 2' and also they have allowed us to
include both games onto the CD. If you want to know more about them,
please visit them at

- Andrew Crowe from Mantasoft for his games 'Wizards of Odd' and 'James
Bond - you only live twice'. He's very active on the Amiga and you can
find infos about all his productions on his HP at

- Peter Elzner from Diamond Productions ( for
all his games.

- Christoph Stahl ( and
MegArts for their excellent Dynablaster clone 'Bomb Mania'.

- The brazilian company HiTek Softworks for releasing their great beat
'em up game 'Barravento' into the public domain.

- Frank Otto for releasing 'Lost on Parrott Island' as Freeware.

- and especially Jan-Christoph Sievers (JCS). Amiga Classix 2 would never
look so good without his fantastic cover artwork.

- Bernd Schmidt, Brian King and all the other guys who are working on UAE
for giving us the chance to enjoy Amiga games also on many different

- and all the other people who have created so many excellent games and
have supported us. Thanks to all of you. You're making many people on
this planet very very happy with your excellent work.
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