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Originally Posted by Enverex
Toni: What do you mean by "_real_"?
Real as in actual silicon, whirring away inside an actual Amiga.

If you emulate them, you wouldn't gain any speed if you emulate a "060" or a "040" as the instruction sets in both processors are almost the same! The emulation still has to do the exact same computations for each instruction, as both processors give the same results for the same instructions.

The 060 is a better design than the 040, so that's why it's faster at the same clock speed - it executes the instructions in less clocks than the 040 and has other enhancements to the CPU core.

The emulation, however, doesn't emulate the internal bits of the processor, but the instruction set, and it's already doing that as fast as it can..

Please ask if you need clarifications.. That wasn't the most linear or clear explanation..
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