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Actually cause I'm bored I investigated this some more..... I am no expert on this at all, this is just the result of primarily some googling and some thought.

Obviously with all solutions the best result would be to scan in all the text and OCR it - only store the pictures as images (rec. 400dpi).

If budget isn't a problem then check out: They don't list the prices, but I bet you can probably buy a new car with less money.

Maybe for a more economical solution you could hire some 12 year old sweatshop worker from a Nike factory, and pay him $1 more a month to copy the text of the books/mags for you manually and you just scan any images and work on the layout.

More viable solutions......

What you need to find is a flatbed scanner who's platen (the scanning bit) goes right to the edge so you can have the book at a 90 degree angle with just one page sitting in the scanner and the binding overhanging the edge. An alternate is to find a library/office with a photocopier like this and photocopy the book. Then scan the photocopies (preferably with a auto-page feeding scanner so you only have to do the boring work once). You could (I suppose) use this method with a normal scanner (with border around the platen) and type/fill in the missing bits manually if you have the patience.

Use a good quality (3 megapixel+) digital camera with some sort of tripod mounting for steady image. Would require lots of experimentations with distance/light but apparently this would work.

Edit: Check these links out.

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