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I also had this rare version for some time (first found it on some site that I certainly can't remember at all, it's probably non-existent now). Sorry if any of you were expecting me to upload it but were left disappointed. Yes, I commonly use this version of WinUAE (much more than r8 to add to that) for the time being. I've completely given up on 0.8.14 & 16 (both totally hopeless and bugged to nothingness), and am desperately waiting for the forthcoming 0.8.17r2, which will hopefully actually allow Win95 users like moi to play around with the damn thing finally. Meanwhile the rest of you are lucky enough to receive the desirable pleasure early. Damn you all...

Maybe I should try and install Win98 SE in the near future. It's the only other OS that's most likely compatible and suitable for the likes of yours truly. (Fingers crossed... say, RCK, maybe a smilie of this action exists somewhere, perhaps?)


First version or SE? Of your Windows 98 that is. If it's the latter, that would probably explain your clean, bug-free experiences with the emu.
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