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Uh, SMB-Connect sucks.. :-) smbfs sucks a tiny bit less.

What's common with Amiga's Samba clients is, that they require the destination machine's name in DNS or hosts.. A plain IP will not do.

This works for me, but please check the usage just in case. This is off the top of my head.. The wording may be a little different, but these are the options you need for it to work:
smbfs domain=workgroup user=myusername password=mypassword volume=Samba device=Samba //mymachine/myshare

But indeed you need to add mymachine to your hosts table, or else it won't find anything.

Good luck and may you experience only the occasional crash. (SMB-Connect crashes every time I try it, smbfs usually only crashes on exit, if it does..)
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