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Originally Posted by Akira
Ian, Ian, Ian. I'll have to chip in and agree with Fred. I think Macs are second to the PCs in terms of software support, and development is growing thanx to the X nerds coding stuff for OSX. They don't have as much shit as PCs, but the PC's have lots of smelly turds among all that shit. If we're talking volumes only... probably you have a point. But macs still are second.

Regarding OS4, I'll wait for someone to "hack it" or something so it runs in ANY PPC hardware. Then I'm installing it in my mac. I think I can wait eons for this to happen, innit?
I remember Stalin saying that "Quantity has a quality all of its own", in this case meaning there might be some crap apps for the PC but they have all thier bases covered with mostly good software in every category known.
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