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second post!

Erm considering its free & considering 90% of the time things run fine ,dont complain.
codepoet chaps is doing a great job. Believe it or not the core is based on 8.17 c unix source so each version does fix bugs in previous versions in the core engine .The problems brian has is the bells & whistles he adds to it to run under directX/win95. People who dont understand what it takes to actually code these things blame codepoet & then brian will get pissed off & well never see another version again!.
I too recently changed from 98 to 2000k & Winuae has not crashed or bombed out once yet! ,I can use the virtual hardrive with no problems of crashing out now.(dpaint 4 & stuff is cool to use etc..) ,Maybe you should upgrade your os at some point.
I say the more versions the better.!!!!
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