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There was this one game, i will be glad if someone can remember it's name, which i got with a cheapo games pack that came with my A500. i can't remember it in great detail, except that it came with several sort of star-charty things, which might have been printed on plastic acetate. i don't think i even managed to relate them to anything that happened in the game. i think the game vaguely involved piloting a space ship around the galaxy, there was one sub game i remember where you were flying into the screen, along a planets surface, with a load of wire-frame (?) mountains and canyons rushing towards you. it seemed pretty crap so i never persevered much with it, but whenever i did try and have a go it completely baffled me.

Another game i never got was the bullfrog game Fusion. I just couldn't figure out what I was meant to be doing.
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