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Originally posted by Amigaboy
R9? This is new to me....I'd like to see if you're in the mood for uploading it
Click THIS to download r9 Amigaboy

Rebutal to Rant#1:

WinUAE is a FREE peice of software, which is currently in beta status hence the 0.8.17 instead of 1.8.17, if you find an earlier version better for your needs, fine use that version.

I think you are missing the bigger picture, the ultimate goal of WinUAE, to emulate all Amiga's perfectly. So the coders add stuff that on occasion (Quite often with recent release) causes more problems than it solves, but if they don't add them WinUAE wouldn't progress with such features such as JIT, better disk emulation, better AGA support and countless new stuff.

WinFellow will go through the same thing as soon as they try to add more complex features.

I am as disappointed as the next man when the release of WinUAE has loads of bugs or has no visable improvements, but I get over it, it is a fine piece of FREE software that allows me to play most of my favourite Amiga games.

If you have to pay for the emulator, you would have grounds to complain, but seeing as you haven't I don't see what the problem is.


As far as I know, emulation has been around as long as computers have

But the first one I remember is a z80 emulator for C64, I might be wrong, but I think there was one.

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