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Arrow Manuals, Guide book

hi, i went into the loft today to try and find my amiga, sadly its no-where to be seen (im sure its there somwhere) anyway i found a carrier bag with some games in and some manuals. I will be happy to scan them for anyone that needs/wants them they are:

A1200 Users Guide (i think its what you get with the 1200) may be usefull to someone who has just bought one, basically tells you how to set it up and connect things.

1084S Color Monitor Users Guide, basic setup guide for that monitor

Bruce Smith : Insiders Guide Series for the A1200 (256 pages) really interesting guide (with pictures) to Amiga Dos workbench 3.0 on the A1200...

it says on the back: The insider guide will provide you with the perfect introduction to the workbench and AmigaDos on the commodore amiga A1200.

If you have never used an amiga before then this book will give you the guidence you need to get the very best from your microcomputer. Packed with practical hands-on advice and step by step tutorials, its written in a friendly and simple style by one of the top amiga writers
if anyones interested then just ask, it may take a while though because i dont know what to do so any advice would be helpful

oh and how could i attach a image of the covers to this thread?
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