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Question Hopefully this is legal to ask here.

I may have this in the wrong part of the forum it may not even be allowed but I'll take the risk and ask anyway (mods please move...edit....delete the thread if necessary) OK I've been looking for a long time on the net for Amiga Stuff Inparticulair say.......DVD'S (which I could buy as downloading amiga stuff and lots of it is near on impossible due to my rubbish dial up modem and it's all I can get by the way in my area dial up) That's another story. I saw 1 Amiga DVD (or was it 2 in the same box) The Cost though.........68 QUID! (I know that's been mentioned a few times on here found that out by using the search thingy) I don't want to pay that amount of money. That's where I turn to you lot on here. I'm Hoping (hopefully it's not too big to ask) that somebody can maybe perhaps........Help me out? You know? Anyway Hopefully somebody can read this and.........well see what happens. Either PM me or.........whatever.
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