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Eek 0.8.17 Rocks

It's the best version yet. Exodus you probably can't configure it right. I upgraded my OS to Windows 2000 last night from 98 (spit) and found that WinUAE runs A LOT better. Sound is pretty much perfect in most games. Though I've noticed a bit of sprite flickering on SWOS sometimes when the ball goes out of play. The thing you have to keep in mind though is just what an immense achievement WinUAE and all other UAE ports are. The Amiga is an incredibly complicated machine to emulate. I say machine but UAE is actually emulating the whole range of Amiga machines from the A1000 right up to the A4000. It's about 10 different machines (roughly) to try and emulate and it does a darn good job of it. Considering all this I'd say it's one of the most impressive emulators that has possibly ever been made. The fact that it runs so much software almost perfectly is just amazing. The only other emulator I'd consider in the same class as UAE would probably be MAME as that has a hell of a lot of different types of hardware to deal with just like UAE. The latest release is the fastest yet by a long way and WinUAE just keeps getting better with every release. Long live (Win)UAE.
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