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Originally Posted by manicx
I know very well what technology and design is since this is my job.
Doesn't look like. Design is my career and what you say obviously shows you don't know what design is. I cannot help but remind myself about your misconception of freelance working.
These are not strong arguments in there I have to say. Game consoles are not for kids.
Your arguments are strong? Someone who has not used a speech recognition system has strong arguments to support a voice recognition system? Give me a break. If you want me to learn about wiFi, you go and learn about Voice Recognition and design.

By the way, who said GAME CONSOLES ARE FOR KIDS? I said the DS is aimed at a young market. Like any previous Gameboy product. That doesn't mean adults can't use/buy it. Your fanboyism is creeping in and I don't like arguing with fanboys. I'll repeat myself in this thread, as I said both machines I like and I would want, since they are so different you can have both. But you have to say " DIZ ONE ROOLZ THE OTHER ONE SUX"

Just read IFW's post.

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