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Since it is my territory...
To be honest, voice recognition is pure software, unless you have a dedicated (and very expensive) board with tons of DSPs, for multi-port (channel if you like) operation on e1/t1 trunks sc or ct media bus, like Antares.
In that case it is the firmware that contains basically a very similar software that you'd write on your pc anyway, just smp running on say 30 chips at the very same time...
The point is you can quite simply add voice recognition to any system, including PSP, so long it has a mic and sufficient processing power. Therefore it is pointless to list that as a feature, especially since the ARMs in DS are bleeding slow compared to the PSP cpu. There are many software technologies that you could quote for every single product that can run software, yet some companies are listing those (N), some are not even bothered (Sony), as software being versatile is self-explanatory.
Actually you can buy games like Socom or LifeLine for ps2, that use voice recognition, EyeToy stuff that uses heavy image processing and the like, yet you wouldn't see any of these features listed on your ps2 box, since they are software.
Dual-screens can be novel, but N's very own dual-screen LCDs clearly shows how this is not a very new idea, just rebadged. Not to mention Matrox video cards driving 2/3 monitors for many years by now (dubbed multi-head), other pc vendors following the suit, yet you'd be hard pressed to see anything good coming from that technology regarding games.
Even my universal remote control has touch screen, which is very convenient I must add and is a Sony product.
CPUs at certain speed can render polygons there is nothing new about that either, it is likely pure SW like in GBA, with adding some Mode 7/rotate-zoom effect if you like.

For the record I do have a gba and a ps2

These things are not worth arguing over, PSP is an exceptional hardware for a portable system (practically a ps2) and the clear winner hardware wise, it is not even comparable to DS, completely different league. So is the price tag
However DS will be cheap (hopefully), aimed at kids, at a kiddy price, with kiddie games and the usual N goodies. PSP is targeted to an almost completely different audience, those adults or youngsters who already have a ps2, or likely to buy one, with more adult oriented titles, hyped multi-media support, like movies etc. Basically a new kind of walkman. Whether Sony can pull it off is a different matter, e.g Minidisc was a major flop.

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